Welcome to Spokane Internal Medicine.

We provide high-quality, compassionate healthcare and support in a pleasant setting. Our doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, lab & testing personnel, and the entire office staff work together as a team to meet your healthcare needs, to gain your confidence, and to surpass your expectations.

At SIM you can expect to receive excellent medical care and treatment whether for chronic long-term health conditions, a recent symptom or illness, or for a routine check-up or yearly physical exam. We may also refer you to see a specialist doctor when more in-depth evaluation or treatment is needed.

We are proud to serve you in an outstanding facility which allows us to offer many types of testing and evaluations within the office for your convenience.

Coupled with the latest technology and range of care and services we provide is our warm, friendly environment - we want you to feel comfortable and “at home” here at SIM while being well cared for.

Utilizing “paperless” medical records improves our organization and efficiency plus allows ease of communication and sharing of important information with other medical offices, all of which helps us provide you with exemplary medical care.

Thanks again for choosing SIM to provide your medical and healthcare needs. We very much look forward to serving you and helping you now and into the future.