Electronic Medical Records

Spokane Internal Medicine was the first practice in the Inland Northwest to have full electronic medical records (EMR).  EMR improves many aspects of the patient experience by streamlining scheduling and patient flow to the office, and by improving retrieval of information.  Its most valuable aspect, however, is improved medical care and patient safety.  EMR allows us to:

  • Easily review laboratory and other information that is automatically imported into the patient charts.
  • Write prescriptions electronically with automated checking for drug/drug and drug/diagnosis interactions.
  • Track orders to make sure test results are received and reviewed in a timely manner.
  • Automatically obtain information from local hospitals and other physician offices.
  • Share information with colleagues or our partners who may be taking care of patients after hours.
  • In the future allow patients to view some of their chart information.


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 May is Osteoporosis Month

In people with osteoporosis, one fracture often leads to more fractures, and potentially a future of pain, disability, and poor quality of life. Studies have shown that such high-risk patients benefit from appropriate medication to reduce future fracture risk.

Expert panel evaluates role of osteoporosis medications in fracture healing.