Testing and Laboratory Services and Treatments

We are pleased to offer a wide range of in-office testing and treatments available in our downstairs lab for your convenience and ease.  All of these tests are interpreted by our physicians with copies of results available for you. These include:

  • Blood and Urine testing
  • Vascular Ultrasound Imaging: 
    • carotid arteries
    • kidney arteries
    • arm/leg arteries & veins
    • aorta aneurysm
  • Heart/Cardiac testing:
  • Treadmill stress test w/ nuclear imaging
  • Heart echocardiography
    • Take-home Heart Rhythm monitor and Blood Pressure monitor
  • Routine EKG
  • Bone Density/Osteoporosis Imaging
  • Nerve Conduction Testing
  • Pulmonary Lung Function Testing